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Energy Shiatsu Modalities: Shiatsu, Reiki, Healing Touch, Chakra Balancing, Life Coaching Through intuitively guided and precisely applied deep yet gentle thumb pressure, SHIATSU bodywork relaxes muscles, calms overactive nervous system, improves circulation of blood and oxygen, resets life energy flow, and in turn promotes self-healing.

Subtle yet divine REIKI energy flows from the attuned practitioner's hands into the patient. Being intelligent in nature, it adjusts in strength and function depending on each patient's state, and works on all sorts of illnesses and conditions.

Loving and comforting HEALING TOUCH gently guides patient's energy field towards balancing of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Healing Touch works in harmony with standard or alternative medical care.

Proven to be quickly and highly effective, TALK THERAPY provides an open, friendly, caring, compassionate, private and confidential opportunity to explore, clarify or improve behaviours, thoughts and feelings related to current or past events.

Practical, insightful and unique LIFE COACHING helps clients navigate and fully heal all kinds of life challenges with clarity and courage, and guides them gently yet ambitiously toward identification and fulfillment of their most precious hopes, goals, dreams, desires, and personal miracles.

The clinic atmosphere is clean, peaceful and comforting. The Energy Shiatsu practitioner is polite, friendly and passionate about helping you reach your wellness goals with complete service satisfaction.

The techniques and solutions at Energy Shiatsu, if congruent with you, are better, faster, more practical, more honest and compassionate, more real and true, and simply better-feeling than most traditional therapies.

The specialty of Energy Shiatsu is helping people who are dealing with troubling health or life challenges and have tried just about everything to help themselves. These could be Fibromyalgia, tumors / cancer, or other "incurables"; mental/emotional conditions such as depression, anxiety, confusion, energy drain, or those related to post-traumatic stress such as after an accident, concussion (TBI) or unpleasant life events; or seemingly stuck and not progressing spiritual learning journey.

ENERGY SHIATSU PROMISE: To provide 100% safe and open-minded space for all your thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, fears and concerns.

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About Life Mastery / Miracle Coaching Programs

Who We Truly Are - Life Mastery Coaching Life Mastery / Miracle Coaching makes use of all of the above modalities to transform your current situation into one where you handle any problems with calm & ease, live at peace with yourself and the world, and manifest the life you want joyfully and nearly effortlessly.

Do know that love and happiness are already within you, and so is the highest potential of your Real and True Best You. While respecting your freewill, everything awaits to be unleashed and make your daily life fulfilling and full of joy. We just have to find it, unlock it, and tap into it.

You, yes very much You, can absolutely be blessed with vitality, courage, reliable intuition and mighty strength to ultimately accomplish any wild goal of your choosing. As long as the goal is aligned with your Life Purpose, it is your birthright and a desire of your Soul for you. There is so much help standing by that's eager to assist you .. all of it for you.

So, whether it's the perfect health with younger skin and cells, or the most amazing and loving relationship with a partner and family, or achieving the greatest or "impossible" marks in sports, arts, career or business using supernatural abilities, or simply completing your unique bucket list; or maybe radiating peace and harmony in the world while being your passionate best-self living freely and easily in joyous abundance -- Life Mastery Coaching can help.

And not only that. Life Mastery / Miracle Coaching helps in the most direct and wisdom-full way; avoiding stress, struggle, hustle or hard work, and saving you years of learning or trial and error... That's because sometimes things aren't what they seem and quite simply we just don't know what we don't know -- or we don't want to or fear to know -- especially when it comes to asking deep questions about ourselves.

Life Mastery Coaching wisdom

Depending on where you are and where you want to be -- and how fast you want to get there -- there are different coaching programs to match your needs. These include:

  • Transformational Life Mastery / Miracle Coaching is an in-depth healing and exploration of your life, life challenges and karmic attributes, followed by an upgrade of your character, personality, habits, vibration or frequency related to your body, mind, emotions, spiritual connection, and desired outcomes; and lastly followed by enablement and manifestation of your most fulfilling and happiest potential. It may take at least 3 to 12 months to really assimilate and integrate the changes that come up in our sessions, and to sow Big Results or Mastery in your own life.
  • Discovery Coaching offers accelerated guidance on a specific topic or issue related to Career, Personal Life, Relationships, or Spiritual Growth such as Awakening, Lightwork or Ascension. This 2-hour intensive will assists you with priceless clarity and practical roadmap. This session is of greatest benefit to those who have been working on their life puzzle for a while and are seeking a hidden or missing piece.
  • Business Energy Coaching will serve you with experienced guidance on alchemy in your passion business through leveraging Divine Co-creation, ease, flow, innovation, collaboration, inclusion and expansion. The first order of business includes work on your Divine connection and release of any resistance or limiting patterns; followed by work on the Vision, Mission, Direction and Strategy of your Products or Services; and lastly followed by exploring Funding and Sponsorships, Attracting ideal Clients, Streamlining Operations, Keeping more Profits, Leveraging Technology and growing in many new ways, Hiring a Great Team, and enjoying more Time Freedom.

All Energy Shiatsu Coaching Programs leverage the purest & Highest LIGHT energy, which among other things is heart-based, loving, compassionate, easy flowing and synchronicity-enabling -- whether for any required actions or to manifest meaningful results. The programs work miracles for my clients and they will definitely work miracles for you, too!

A brief, complimentary, initial intake session will allow us to go over your Intake Form in detail and help us determine whether we're a good fit for each other, and if so, which type of coaching will best suit your needs. There is absolutely no obligation to continue.

As your Master Life Coach I am:

  • Always on your side
  • Real and to-the-point
  • Discrete and confidential
  • Friendly and non-judgmental
  • Practical and at-your-pace
  • Work with your schedule
  • Help you past obstacles
  • Cheer you on or challenge you
  • Available between sessions to support you

How do the Coaching programs work?

The sessions tend to become "alive" in a sense that they progress at their own accord, leaving you feeling wow'ed at the insights and resolutions that come up. Yet there is of course an underlying structure to ensure progress in an orderly fashion, which includes elements of Psychology, Metaphysics, and practical Life Science.

The first step is to alleviate immediate physical and mental concerns by identifying and resolving them head-on with plenty of TLC and specific alternative healing techniques. Then, or concurrently if appropriate, identify deeply-seated, subconscious-emotional, or karmic-spiritual root causes (ie. blockages), and take appropriate actions to gracefully and with a lot of help of the Divine, shift and manage the transformation towards balance, clarity and solutions. In turn this will make the implementation of the desired life goals easy and virtually effortless.

The triggering life events may include stepping into adulthood (Saturn Return), or feeling a strong push to overhaul your life (career change or midlife crisis), or simply dealing with strong feelings and emotions, because for instance, of some injustice, conflict, confusion, or unfinished business at some point in your life; or perhaps a deep emotional conflict or confusion stemming from your childhood.

How do I know I need coaching?

You clearly know when something's not right.

Your health might be deteriorating with obvious and ever-present body or head pains, or subtle pains occurring only under specific circumstances. There might be fears and worries mixed with anguish and anxiety, because life has lost all its charm and meaning, and nothing works the way you want even after you've tried just about everything.

Your family doesn't get you, your partner is on your case (if you even have one because you're emotionally elsewhere or don't have time to look, or no prospects fit the profile, or still no one's interested because your unhappiness lingers in your aura) ... and the whole society is against you anyway.

You increasingly feel more powerless and desperate, or vulnerable and depressed, feeling like you are slogging through a thick black tar or are suffocated by a giant dark cloud looming just over you, barely getting any sleep staring at the ceiling, and wasting away in a grip of a monstrous instant gratification procrastination or addiction.

You turn to cruel, selfish, or otherwise self-destructive and down-spiraling behaviour as you feel being eaten alive by permeating guilt or anger, and constantly punished by your harshly judging mind. You feel completely out of options, at the end of the rope and stuck in a lonely, cold, dark pit of your inner void.

------ just to name a few things.

Speaking more lightly, you just feel unbalanced and unglued, trying to make it through the day with a phony smile pretending everything is ok, yet right at the edge of giving up the heck with it all. It might feel like you're living as a prisoner of keeping up appearances, or simply trying to survive in the world of overbearing negative emotions, feeling like it's all one gigantic cosmic joke.

How can Energy Shiatsu Coaching benefit me?

Who We Truly Are - Energy Shiastu Life Coaching Once we diligently progress on a journey toward balance and clarity, you will start feeling your personal power and motivation returning, and your perspective on life and the world will sunny up as good things will start to happen much more frequently.

Should then anything negative come up, you will have healthy boundaries and profound abilities to handle it with ease and peaceful demeanor like it's a piece of cake that it is.

Your energy, courage and drive will all increase, and your to-do list will shrink fast as everything, including your biggest hassles and challenges, will just get done with ease and grace. The background hum, struggle and anxiety will fade out of your life, the thick tar will simply slide off of you (or avoid you all together), and radiance and ease will settle right at home within you. You will finally take that long awaited vacation, relax more, and share mutually enjoyable time with your friends or family. Your passion for your favourite work or life project will increase, and so will the vigor in your daily life. Your positive mind will see solutions and love everywhere, and attract kind and supportive people.

Eventually you will feel masterfully peaceful and joyful, in love with the whole world (yourself included of course), and genuinely passionate about life. Your intuition will become clearer and more reliable, and your luck and synchronicities will be a daily normal, resulting with a deep inner knowing about your next steps and how to best approach them. With a strong connection to your Higher Self and Soul you will be living your best life, feeling great about exciting life opportunities and adventures, and making a big difference in the world, forefront or behind the scenes, by co-creating miracles with Spirit as your new Best you.

So when Enough is Enough and You're Ready for Change

If you feel like one of the Coaching programs may be a great fit, please reach out by email to learn more; or if you've read enough and are eager to get started, go ahead and book your first introductory Coaching session. Take this first powerful step toward your new life with the experienced and helpful Energy Shiatsu Master Life Coach today.

About Energy Shiatsu and Holistic Healing

All Energy Shiatsu treatments are holistic in nature, meaning that the practitioner considers your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lifestyle. When you schedule your appointment, you will receive a relevant questionnaire about your health and life. Please email it prior to your session or bring it with you.

The first Energy Shiatsu session may begin with a few minutes of conversation to get to know you and your health history in order to increase the benefits of the sessions ahead.

In-person Energy Shiatsu is performed on a massage table or padded floor with you fully clothed and without the use of oil. Please bring and wear comfortable, warm clothing such as a cotton t-shirt, sweatpants and socks. A blanket is available if you are or get cold, or simply wish to be covered.

[Swedish-style relaxation treatments or blissful/asmr/sensuous/sensual sessions are available upon request. Please communicate your preference at the time of booking in the Notes section. These sessions are performed with or without oil, nude or at whatever your comfort level. A high-quality massage oil is used such as Melrose, Birch, Almond or Coconut.]

Reiki, Healing Touch and Soul energy work involves practitioner positioning his hands either over or around or lightly resting on your body. The practitioner may move his hands in different ways or hold them still for a few seconds or minutes. The treatment may also include Aroma (incense or essential oils), Sound and Crystal therapy.

Because everyone has different preferences and experiences pressure differently, please feel free to suggest whether you wish to be touched at all, or the preferred pressure strength. You can communicate your preferences at any time during the treatment with the following keys: skip/no-touch, tender/gentler, more pressure, more here, hold here, etc.

Shiatsu thumb pressure You may also specify upfront exact areas for the release of muscle knots (firm) or request overall relaxation (gentle). Good feedback leads to a more personalized, feel-good experience that fulfills your expectations.

For some specific conditions such as extensive myofascial entanglements or very out of tune energy field, it may be necessary to receive a few treatments as it takes time to gradually work and manifest positive changes.

Please note that in most cases Energy Shiatsu treatment is meant to be deeply relaxing and NOT painful. Yet at times, even the lightest touch can cause pain. That is why it is important to let the practitioner know about your health history BEFORE receiving the treatment. In rare cases a stronger pressure might be required that could be briefly painful yet still soft and manageable in nature, which brings a high degree of relief.

In any case, please let the practitioner know immediately if you are experiencing ANY kind of pain or discomfort. Your comfort, assurance, feeling taken care of and at ease is of utmost importance.

By the end of the session, you will most likely feel very calm and relaxed.

Useful Information about Your Sessions

Avoid eating heavily 2 hours prior to your session and avoid smoking, or drinking excessive caffeine or alcohol before and after the session. Drinking some water prior to and post-session allows the energy and biofluids to flow better and assist in rejuvenation.

Please try to arrive at your session reasonably clean (eg. not right after a Boot Camp class). Turning off your electronics will assist with a non-interrupted session, lessened electromagnetic interference, and overall better experience. Removing hand, leg or neck jewelry might be helpful if the treatment is required in those areas.

During treatments, the atmosphere is usually quiet, however, feel free to talk, ask anything, make requests, cry, or sleep. Your job is to completely relax and let go. Ideally with your eyes closed, you'd linger right at the fine threshold between awake and sleep.

Alternatively, you're welcome to help the rejuvenating process with relaxed deep breathing into the areas being worked. In case of any visions, emotions or fears coming up to your conscious awareness, be gentle and loving with yourself as you process, forgive and release them once and for all.

Immediately after the session drink 1-2 glasses of high-quality water and keep drinking water until the end of the day to help flush toxins out of the tissues and to keep grounded. Take a hot [Epsom salt] bath after the treatment to aid the detox process and promote the flow of changes in your system.

Take it easy after the session and in the days to come. Be kind to yourself and honour your body's needs such as for extra rest and solitude, or perhaps your hobby or work project. Either way, it's better to avoid any stressful activities such as exercise, physical labour, mental work or a late night out.

Energy Shiatsu & Holistic Healing Benefits

Energy Shiatsu sessions help to release muscle stiffness and muscle knots, stiff psoas muscle pain, lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and carpal tunnel.

They also help to relieve stress, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, depression, sleep, digestion problems, allergies, sinus blockages, fibromyalgia, arthritis, menopause and PMS, and may strengthen immune system function.

Holistic Healing sessions help address deeper or chronic challenges including infertility or post-partum depression, as well as help enhance recovery from surgery, support cancer care, and may also deepen a spiritual connection.

The sessions have many lasting benefits which include: increased inner peace and balance, greater mental clarity and creativity, expanded awareness and enhanced emotional stability, boosted vitality and immunity, reinforced self-healing, and even initiated cell youthing if appropriate.

The overall benefit of the sessions includes an experience of deep relaxation, feeling of comfort, safety and general well-being. You may also feel wiser or enjoy a higher or expanded perspective on your life.

All sessions will leave you feeling renewed, re-energized, inspired and much more capable in achieving whatever you're after in your life.

Energy Shiatsu Booking Policy

Booking Online must be completed at least 18 hours prior to the start of your session. Please call for last-minute bookings.

Phone, Zoom or Skype sessions may also be accommodated on the non-remote in-clinic days if there is an opening in the schedule. Please call or send email 24 hours in advance to check the availability. Remote Sessions must be prepaid at least 18 hours in advance.

Profile Creation during the online booking process allows for faster future bookings and easy cancellations or rescheduling. The booking confirmation email contains RESCHEDULE and CANCELLATION buttons.

Appointment Cancellations or Rescheduling require 24 hours notice. There is no charge for the first missed appointment (ie. no show); however, all future appointments will need to be prepaid whether or not attended.

Fees for the in-person or in-home Sessions are payable in person at the conclusion of the session or online in advance. Acceptable forms of payment after the session include Cash, VISA, M/C, AMEX, Debit, Apple Pay or Android Pay. If prepaying session(s) in advance via PayPal, eTransfer/Email-Interac or Cheque, the transaction must be completed and cleared prior to the [first] session.

GST/HST is added to the listed prices at checkout for Canada-based patients (in person or remotely). U.S. and Overseas patients are tax-exempt when receiving remote services such as Phone, Zoom or Skype call; however, reasonable proof of residence must be implied or presented.

Tips are optional and at the full discretion of patients. If you feel that the practitioner provided over and beyond service or experience, you're welcome to express your appreciation with a gratuity at checkout.

The session begins at the time of the scheduled appointment. If you are late, the session must conclude as scheduled out of respect for the next client. Clients are responsible for the full cost of the originally scheduled appointment. In case of availability of a gap before the next client, additional session time can be purchased at a current overtime rate.

Energy Shiatsu practitioners reserve the right to refuse any treatment for safety reasons if a patient is deemed to be under the influence of alcohol or any recreational drugs, or if there are any vulgar comments or violent behaviour. You as the Client are to be advised that you may refuse any or all parts of the treatment at the start or anytime while in progress. Please note that full session fees apply.


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