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Coronavirus (COVID-19) NOTICE:
During the ongoing situation, Energy Shiatsu is cooperating with taking the safety measures as recommended. Local in-person sessions require Covid screening and mandatory masks for patients and practitioners, and spaced out appointments to allow for disinfection and prep of surfaces.

REMOTE Energy Healing is available for all the treatments listed below. Remote Sessions must be prepaid by PayPal or eTransfer no less than 24 hours prior to the appointment. The confirmation email contains Client Intake Forms, which for best results must be sent in at least 12 hours in advance.

All LOCAL sessions can be either prepaid by PayPal, or paid in-person after the session.

If you're new to ENERGY SHIATSU, your first session will begin with a caring overview of your ES Intake Form.

For the HOLISTIC HEALING treatments, please book either the Holistic Healing Intake session or a regular Energy Shiatsu session first. If you decide to purchase any HH Multi-Pack then the HH Intake session is free of charge.

The INTAKE COACHING session features a review of your TLC Coaching Intake Form and general brainstorming, which allows to determine whether we are a good fit for each other, and if so, which program fits your needs best.

Gift Certificates and MULTI-PACKS can be purchased online or in person. If you have questions or specific requirements please inquire via email.

Energy Shiatsu sessions are available at these times and locations:

  • SUNDAYS 3pm - 8pm EST at Bloor West Roncesvalles in Toronto
  • SUNDAYS 3pm - 8pm EST Remotely via Phone, Zoom or Skype

Please be mindful when choosing the correct TIME & PLACE and follow these FIVE steps for the most awesome experience:

STEP #1: Pick which session is right for you:

Remote Boost: 20 minutes - Love Energy Shot :: 1up Clarity & Confidence

Remote Boost: 20 minutes             $60

Love Energy Shot :: 1up Clarity & Confidence

Remote Boost: 3 x 20 minutes - Aura Maintenance :: Calm Vibes & Strength

Remote Boost: 3x20 minutes        $150

Aura Maintenance :: Calm Vibes & Strength

Pure Energy Shiatsu: 75 minutes - Deep Relaxation Tuneup :: Precise or Full Body Renewal

Energy Shiatsu: 75 minutes           $125

Well-being Tuneup :: Precise or Overall

Pure Energy Shiatsu: 90 minutes - Soothing Space :: Feeling Inner Peace

Energy Shiatsu: 90 minutes           $150

Soothing Space :: Feeling Bliss & Inner Peace

Holistic Healing: 75 minutes - Elevated Freedom :: Issues Out of Tissues

Holistic Healing: 90 minutes          $290

Elevated Freedom :: Issues Out of Tissues

*New patients: book Intake Consultation Session first @ $90

Holistic Healing: 120 minutes - Light Body Activation :: Self-Healing & Ascension

Holistic Healing: 120 minutes        $450

Light Body Activation :: Self-Healing/Ascension

*For advanced & experienced seekers; contact for details

Spiritual Life Coaching / Mentoring - Happiness :: Profound Shift | New Life | Mastery

Coaching Intake: 45 minutes         $90

Manifest Miracles :: Live the Life You Want

*intake only; ongoing packages available; learn more...

STEP 2: Book Your Appointment below using SCHEDULER below

STEP 3: Prepay at Booking OR by PayPal OR in-person after Session

STEP 4: Check Your Email and Fill Out one CLIENT INTAKE FORM

STEP 5: ENJOY and take Good Care of yourself as per these Details

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Pre-pay Your Session(s)

For your convenience and a relaxing experience throughout, you can prepay your sessions or purchase MULTI-PACKS with any major credit card using PayPal's secure service. Click here for details (PDF).

Save more with HH Multi-Packs: The HH 45 Intake Session is included.


REMOTE Sessions:
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SINGLE sessions:
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10+2upgraded MULTI-PACKS:
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To Pre-pay for the Multi-Packs with a Custom Amount, please contact us to arrange a custom Credit Card Payment or eTransfer.


Energy Shiatsu Gift Certificates

Surprise and pamper those you care about with a gift of Energy Shiatsu.

Pre-pay Singles or MULTI-PACKS using PayPal Buttons above with recipient's Full Name in the Checkout Notes, then let them know any way you wish. Or choose from many colourful eGift Cards that you can send by email: click here to choose your favourite design.

You may also purchase physical paper Gift Certificates at either Clinic.