Master Kamil C.K. | Intuitive Healer, Miracle Coach, Vault / Confidant

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The practitioner is a spiritual holistic intuitive energy healer and miracle life coach with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. With a degree in IT and experience in corporate project management as well as entrepreneurship, Kamil brings a unique combination of practical skills, scientific discernment, and spiritual expertise to his practice. He understands the unique challenges that come with balancing a successful career, society, and personal life, and he's here to help you navigate them with ease and grace.

Kamil's journey began with a near-death experience from a ski accident, which led him to seek a deeper understanding of the truth, happiness, meaning and purpose of life. His rapid recovery and complete healing were achieved through a combination of Western and Eastern medical treatments, which sparked an interest in alternative and spiritual forms of healing.

Over the course of over a decade, he has undergone a thorough personal transformation, healing his physical, emotional and mental bodies, releasing over 500 karmic blocks, balancing his masculine and feminine sides, and realizing oneness and love for all that is.

He is certified in many healing arts modalities, including Reiki, Shiatsu, Healing Touch, and Quan Yin Energy Healing Facilitation (EHF 1-2-3 Master Teacher), as well as Life Coaching and Personal Training. He has also studied Naturopathy, sacred Shamanic practices, Akashic Records and Soul-level Healing, A Course in Miracles, Mediumship, Human Design Blueprints, Starseed Archetypes, Sacred Geometry and Divine Patterns, Angel Card Reading, Astrology and Numerology, The Silva Method, Theta Healing, the Kabbalah [Tree of Life], the Science of Qi/Chi [The Fifth Force or Subtle Energy], and Conversations with God. Additionally, he has extensive experience in psychology and brain science, including in the areas of brain waves and higher mind, neuroplasticity, and mental health as related to TBI and PTSD.

Kamil's unique modality, Energy Shiatsu, combines the scientific benefits of Shiatsu and Reiki with the channeling of the Divine/Universal Life Force of the Highest Light and Vibration (such as that of the Creator of All That Is). This results in a potential release of health challenges, fears and discomforts, a healed DNA and genes, reconnection with one's own higher wholeness, and regained sacred potential. Patients are amazed by a renewed life experience, satisfying personal evolution, emotional mastery, solid confidence in any situation or circumstance, clarity on their true purpose or life mission, and many personal miracles.

Today, Kamil is not only a wellness expert holding a positive space of well-being in his community, but also considered to be a powerful Lightworker, Transmuter, Manifestor, Dreamer/Traveller, and an Ascension Guide. He coaches and inspires thousands of people to take simple yet profound steps to improve or change their lives by knowing and being their true and pure selves.

As a Master of Inner Peace and Bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, Kamil embraces the blissful isness of his integrated and authentic self while enjoying the extra time of freedom and creation. He is self-fulfilled and self-satisfied, and assists those interested in fearlessly breaking free into freedom and liberty, while also co-creating with Gaia and Spirit a conscious and ascended modern world based on harmony, understanding, unity, peace, well-being and high-on-life happiness.

Discover genuine care and support as you'd expect from a trusted friend with your highest good at heart. Take the first step to your best health and happiness, and experience wonderful warmth and peaceful vibes of the loving Universe -- or a little piece of Heaven that Energy Shiatsu is.

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