Energy Shiatsu Holistic Experience

Energy Shiatsu and Reiki Experience During your Energy Shiatsu treatment, you may experience deep relaxation, immediate relief from stress or discomforts, and life-changing clarity. Energy Shiatsu first calms your mind and nervous system, then stimulates your body, mind and heart to heal and rejuvenate.

Energy Shiatsu offers:

  • Holistic overview of discomforts, challenges, life goals and fears
  • Divinely guided, well-being-restoring physical or energy treatment
  • Root-cause-healing, empowering, or solution-oriented LIGHT coaching

What do patients love about Energy Shiatsu:

  • Soothing & Healing: resolved body, muscle, joint and nerve pains
  • Calm & Peace: released tension and anxiety from body and mind
  • Better Sleep & Energy: fatigue and stress turned into well-being
  • New Perspective & Clarity: fears, worries & despair transformed
  • Intuition, Potential, Grace: your power & self-confidence restored
  • Consciousness Shift: mastery of life with calm & fearless strength
  • Joy & Long Life: bliss, fulfillment, perfect health and youthing

What is Energy Shiatsu?

Holistic Energy Shiatsu Balancing Chakras Energy Shiatsu is a Holistic and Life-changing blend of Shiatsu bodywork, Reiki & Healing Touch energy, friendly and open Talk Therapy, and practical LIGHT Coaching (or Mentoring).

Shiatsu stimulates key pressure points along Meridians to release physical blockages and discomforts; Reiki and Healing Touch release energetic blockages and balance body energy field to support the natural ability to heal; and Life Coaching transforms challenges into ideal desired outcomes.

With the practitioner's help, clients move gracefully toward a better and healthier life all while feeling good in the process. The gentle and genuine care, yet empowering and action-oriented guidance is based on clients' individual karmic lessons, unique strengths, desired objectives, and their life purpose.

By channeling the Divine Life Force through his aura and hands, the practitioner turns the work over to God/Spirit/Creative Source/Universe -- the good and purest Energy of unconditional love and compassion.

"Fall in love with taking care of Yourself, Mind, Body, and Spirit."

Energy Shiatsu Treatments

Energy Shiatsu offers the following types of treatments:

Pure Energy Shiatsu is a proprietary combination of Shiatsu, Reiki and Healing Touch. Pure Energy Shiatsu is recommended for pain and stress management, relaxation, and renewal of day-to-day well-being, so that you can feel better and live more fully. Repeat weekly or biweekly sessions recharge your mental, physical and creative performance to peak level, and are one of the best-kept secrets of top athletes, musicians, performers, entrepreneurs and executives.

Holistic Healing adds an element of subconscious work that addresses the root causes of various physical, emotional or mental health challenges. These could include life-long, hereditary, chronic or recurring conditions, difficulty losing weight, trouble getting pregnant, self-sabotaging patterns, lack of focus or energy and boredom, stuckness, depression, anxiety, or addictions of all sorts A few sessions may be required to peel down to related emotions, feelings, thought patterns, limiting beliefs or past traumas in order to love & release them once and for all.

Transformational LIGHT Coaching helps you navigate life's difficult circumstances, and supports you in the fulfillment of your most desired goals and outcomes -- personal or business. The sessions get to the core of your current struggles, offer profound healing alchemy, generate insightful "ah-ha" moments, and help you transform your reality. LIGHT Coaching is for you if you've arrived (or re-arrived) at a point in your life where you've had enough being stuck, tired or unhappy, and now seek to leap forward to the results you want and deserve.

ENERGY SHIATSU PROMISE: To provide 100% safe and open-minded space for all your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and concerns of any kind.